About the project

SPECIAL CHILD LABOR SCHOOL AND REHABILITATION CENTRE project is a centrally sponsored project of MINISTRY OF LABOUR & EMPLOYMENT, Government of India under NATIONAL CHILD LABOUR POLICY which was approved by the Cabinet on 14th August 1987 during the Seventh with following objective:

The number of Child Labors as per the 1991 census was over 1.1 crores. Keeping in mind constraints of resources and the prevailing level of social consciousness and 'awareness, the Government has fixed the time till the end of the l0th Plan to eliminate child-labor in the hazardous sector. Elimination of all forms of child labor itself is a progressive process beginning with elimination efforts in the hazardous areas.

Special Schools (Child Labor Rehabilitation-cum-Welfare Centre): one of the major components of NCLP

Rehabilitation of working children is an important activity, which is the direct responsibility of the project authorities. Under this activity, Child labor special schools (Rehabilitation-cum-Welfare Centre) are to be set up by encouraging voluntary efforts for imparting formal/non-formal education and pre-vocational/craft training. The children in the centers are also provided with supplementary nutrition, stipend, health care services, etc. These Centers essentially acts as bridge institutions to enable children withdrawn from work to join mainstream education. As the working children are from diverse backgrounds, skill and experience, it is important that the children in the special schools are imparted education on a formal/non-formal pattern with a condensed syllabus for a maximum period of 3 years after which the children are expected to reach a level of 5th standard.

Focus of enrollment is on children in the age group of 9-14 years. The working children in the lower age group are motivated to join formal school system (primary and upper primary) directly. Keeping the problems of child labours the timing and the duration of the Centres are flexible. The timing of the centres is adjusted to suit the convenience of the children who are the target group under the project. The duration of the special schools are around five hours a day to enable them to work elsewhere also.


In all we are now educating 400 children who were out of the rich of education mainly due to socio-economic condition. Apart from regular studies they get balance diet and vocation training also. Soon these students will give their first examination.

Eight special child labor school had made us feel honored & gave us privilege to create their future and make their life to move smoothly through education, knowledge also value oriented thoughts. Out of above eight schools, two new schools are opened this year in JHUNJHUNU. All schools are running effectively and enhancing the result. Such on Nobel efforts develop value which will lead their life on ethical direction.

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A part from regular studies and classes, they are getting balance diet and vocational training also. We are trying our best to provide them all necessity on time and as per requirement. Even saving accounts are opened of all children's through post office and banks. This amount of money is considered as stiffen which will support their future education.

Making them feel happy, secure and also through healthy environment, they can develop their values, views, through thoughts and free thinking nature which is part of nurturing and rehabilitation program. Nurturing these children bring blessing of their & make us feel proud that by keeping vision & mission in mind, we are laying out are responsibilities effectively and successfully.

Moto for project

A child getting his basic rights education, nutrition and security can only feel free, think free and live free. We are trying hard enough to provide these children all the necessary requirements needed for getting to main stream.