Farmer- scientist's interaction is a two-way interaction between farmers and extension officers and between farmers and research scientists of KRISHI VIGYAN KENDRA, State Agricultural University and Zonal Research Station. The program enables more and more farmers to visit/approach extension officers and scientists for their technical guidance on agriculture. Similarly, extension officer and scientists gets chance to interact with farmers and provide guidance to them at their doorstep. The program also helps in obtaining the important feedbacks from farmers.

Experts involved:

  • Scientist from Agriculture University
  • Scientist from KVK and ARS
  • Horticulture Expert
  • Expert from Dairy and Animal Husbandry
  • Officers from NABARD
  • FISHERIES Expert

These interactions are mainly organized for remedies of problems faced by farmers in their day to day life and in search of hurdles faced in the field of need based research formulation.

The program substantially contributed in strengthening the R-E-F linkage as Farmers finds their due place in this link-chain through representation and participation.

Farmers takes their problems and queries to scientists and experts who themselves provided the solution or forwarded them to research system and got solution that was communicated back to the farmers.

Thus it helps in enriching the capacity of the researchers in responding quickly to the needs of the farmers and developing location-specific technologies. Besides, active participation of farmer's right from planning to implementation and close coordination between extension and research systems reduced the cost of technology dissemination and time lag in adoption of new/improved technologies.