Planning, Monitoring and Surveying

With shift in governments approach towards development now a day's role and importance of development agencies in developing the nation is increasing day by day. NYVAS is well committed towards building a society having equal development opportunity by strengthening its wing in the sector of planning and monitoring. Importance of grass root knowledge of local area is key to success in any kind of planning related to development of that locality. We have vast knowledge of our work area due to active participation in development programs since years.

Our well qualified and highly experienced staff from different disciplines has always made practical and approachable plans and programs by enquiring assumptions and strategy to identify problems and their causes and Suggesting possible solutions to problems.

With Proper planning and monitoring we have always made the project more and more practical cost effective and target oriented. The information and insight provided by us increase the likelihood that our plans will make a positive development difference in development of society as awhole.

So far we had successfully conducted planning, monitoring and surveying activities under following Area of intervention: