Good Governance

In the present competitive world growth and sustainability of any organisation is based on its capability of governance. In order to support and maintain the degree of excellence of management and implementation of various services related to social sectors has become the need of hour. So, we take a good care of quality of governance. In fact our whole management and practices are in compliance of to the principle of good and progressive governance.

1. Making Policies & Decisions

Each and every person in the organization is involved in the process of decision making in well organised system. Most of the policies and decision in the organisation are done with complete involvement of staff members.

2. Monthly staff meeting

monthly staff meeting is done regularly to review the progress of development projects and solve the problems faced by staff either in field or office. Each member is asked personally about the difficulties they are faced during the period.

Excellent Coordination among staff is valued at organisation.

3. Executive Committee

our executive committee members meet quarterly to review the progress of organisational work and they prepare plan for next quarter.

New projects and opportunities are discussed and approach and strategies are prepared to get new and new social sector services opportunities

Work Appreciation

Work excellence certificate Atma Bikaner 2012-13
Agricultural training, farm school, Krishak Vegyanic Sangosthi. Krishak Mitra Training, Krishak Ruchi Samuh Prasiksan. & visit program.
Work excellence certificate Animal Husbandry Department 2012-13
100 Demonstration in two block
Work excellence certificate Zila Udhyog Kendar 2011 Soft toys making training
Work excellence certificate Health department 2010-11 Door to door survey for Malaria controlling
Work excellence certificate Nagar Palika Kuchera, Nagor 11-12 January, 2012 Mass awareness & medical camp for BPL people
Work excellence certificate Nagar Palika Mandal, Deshnok 2011-12 Soft toys making, Mass awareness & Medical Camp for BPL