Educating the Most Deprived

During recent past India has made significant improvement in improving the enlargement levels of the children, but that too is not enough to ensure a good level of quality education.

Still a large section of children age dwelling on roads, hotels and industries as child labour devoid of basic education on facilities availing primary education to the entire child is one time concern and we are committed to identify, such needy Childs.

With increasing urbanization slum population is growing rapidly creating a new world of non school goers. Locating such new pockets and fulfilling their need is agency's main targeted area.

In Districts like Bikaner where villages are remote scattered and sparingly populated providing good and quality education through conventional education system is not enough. We need programs which can catalyze existing resources and energies to strengthen the quality of education. An integrated approach involving volunteers and development agencies will have to work together to bring a change in education sector.

Our Approach:

We have adopted participatory approach to meet our objectives in Education sector while working with Government organization.

School based Approach:

Under this approach, we use to identify the schools where enrolment is good but lacks the basic quality education by doing simple exercises with students like:

We try to bridge the gap by designing student teacher friendly teaching-learning methodology and implement with help of school administration.

Location based Approach:

Under this approach, we identify those location on requiring Government or development agencies intervention to increase the access of education.

We basically work on: