Our Recent Events

    Farm School

    At School farmers scientist and NYVAS staff (at all critical phases) meet about 7 times, right on the farmer field. Read More >>>

    Village Micro Planning Under RFBP

    Micro planning is s backbone of all kind of activates for the project. Micro plan lists out all activates required for proper integrated socio-economic development of the village and its inhabitants taking into account the natural, ecological, social, human, animal and skill based resources of the village. Read More >>>

    VFPMC Formation & Training

    Village forest protection management committee (VFPMC) is the main organization who will manage all the activities related to village under Rajasthan forestry and Biodiversity Project, Phase II. Read More >>>

    Exposure Visits

    In the month of Jan-Feb 2013, 7 days Exposure visit of 50 Progressive women farmers was organized, under ATMA project. Read More >>>

    Dairy Farmers Trai. & Awar. Camp

    Dairy farming being one of the important Basic occupations of Farmer's of Bikaner. To improve the productivity of dairy, govt. has launched a no. of beneficiary's schemes & project. These schemes are being implemented through animal Husbandry department NABARD and other institutions. Read More >>>

    Demonstrations Animal Husbandry

    About 80 demonstrations were successfully demonstrated in 2 blocks of Bikaner district. Our field team worked day and night and completed the whole demonstration in less than 3 months. Dr. Ashok Bijj, Animal husbandry department, BIKANER kept the tempo high of all field staff. Read More >>>

    Farmer Training

    In the month of Feb-march 2013, NYVAS organized 7 days Interstate Farmers training program. In a 140-man day’s tour program, a group of 20 women farmers of six PANCHAYAT SAMITIS of Bikaner district visited KVK, MEHSANA of GANPAT University. Read More >>>